Egg curry

  • Boil 4 eggs for 7 minutes.
  • Fry (a lot of) garlic and ginger in oil till they become brown.
  • Add (2 large) onions and 4 tomatoes until these are brown too.
  • Add water with paprika powder, numeric powder, zeera powder, mixed masala and salt. Or just use ready made curry paste.
  • Turn kasoori menthol in your hand and add together with coconut. Serve with rice in which cummin is added.

    1. Pahkora (snack)

  • Mix:
    • 50 gram flour
    • fingertip baking flour
    • fingertip salt
    • fingertip pepper
    • mixed masala
    • water
  • Dip e.g. onions, paprika or potatoes in the mix.
  • Fry these separate in approximately 5 cm oil.
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